Daily News Inventory - 11th Sep, 2014

  • Infra projects of Rs.2 lakh crore to be launched

    ·         Having removed bottlenecks in their path, the government is soon to launch infrastructure projects worth Rs.200,000 crore ($32.9 billion), Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadari said.

    ·         "We have cleared bottlenecks. Now this year we will launch projects worth Rs.2 lakh crore," Gadkari said.

    ·         This amount will be invested in projects during the rest of the year, while infrastructure investment worth Rs.150,000 crore, held up earler by regulatory hurdles, have already been cleared, Gadkari said.

    ·         "It is easy to construct express highways but difficult to get environment clearance. However, we are removing hurdles. We have cleared projects worth Rs.1.5 lakh crore," he added.

    ·         "We are fast-tracking the decision making and weeding out corruption and red-tapism from government functioning besides introducing innovation," the minister said.


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Daily News Inventory - 15th Sep, 2014

  • No stops for Modi in US

    ·         The US is now pulling out all stops to woo him when he comes calling at the White House as India’s prime minister at the end of this month.

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Daily News Inventory - 12th Sep, 2014

  • Jan Dhan opens 3 crore accounts, collects Rs.1,500 crore      

    ·         Banks have collected deposits of close to Rs.1,500 crore under the Jan Dhan scheme, while a survey of unbanked households is expected to complete by mid-October, the government said.

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Daily News Inventory - 13th Sep, 2014

  • Centre to fund Swachh Vidyalaya campaign

    ·         The Centre will set up a Swachh Bharat Kosh to fund its ambitious Swachh Vidyalaya (Clean Schools) campaign anchored by the Human Resource Development Ministry.

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Daily News Inventory - 14th Sep, 2014

  • India applies for full membership of SCO      

    ·         India has formally applied for full membership in the energy-rich Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), a security grouping dominated by China, and said it is "ready to assume day to day responsibilities within the context of the bloc".

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CSAT Paper II 2014 Answer Key

UPSC Exam 2014 Question Paper

GS Paper 1 Answer Key Prelims 2014

4:35 a.m. – Why am I awake?

  • Is something wrong with me? I should not be awake at this hour. The rest of the world is fast asleep. But then that’s the point I am trying to prove here – I am not like the rest of the world. For as long as I can remember, the dream had been running ahead of me. This time I have taken the lead. I am one step ahead of the dream and I will keep pressing ahead. Oh I am so done with sleeping. I am done with dreaming. I am done with watching the show with my nose pressed against the glass. I am now swinging the door open and stepping inside the arena. It has begun – the countdown to MY show. I am counting months, weeks, days, hours…and I will make them count soon.

    (A page from the diary of the TestCracker of tomorrow)

    © TestCracker 2013

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Quote of the Day

  • "Don't think about who you have been.  Who are you now?  Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously.  Make it carefully. Make it powerfully..." 

                                                                                                     ~ Anthony Robbinsr

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Quant & Puzzle Inventory - 46

The Burning Issue: In a spot: NSEL Saga

  • It’s raining scams! After Securities scam in ’92 (More commonly known as Harshad Mehta scam) and KP scam in ’01, following the cycle of 10 years, this time, an entire exchange was fabricated on treachery of its promoters. The scam is a systematic fraud perpetrated in the commodity market by National Spot Exchange Ltd. The supposedly 5,600 Crore Rs fraud came out in the public domain after NSEL failed to pay out its investors in commodity pair contracts after 31 July 2013. Let’s have a summarised look at the seedy insides of the exchange which was once a darling of the markets and the ministry too.

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