Daily News Inventory - 27th July, 2014

  • SC notice to EC on PIL seeking candidates photos on EVMs

    ·         The Supreme Court issued notice to the central government and the Election Commission on a PIL seeking to address the problem of namesakes eating into votes of main candidates by inclusion of photograph of the contesting candidates on the EVMs' balloting unit.

    ·         A bench of Chief Justice R.M.Lodha, Justice Kurian Joseph and Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman issued the notice as petitioner Akash Gahlot told the court that the problem of namesakes has taken epidemic proportions in the just concluded general elections.

    ·         Gahlot, in his PIL, said that it was the 2004 general election in which party strategists realised the potential of namesakes as a tool against rivals in a close contest.

    ·         Since then, namesake candidate have been eating into the vote share of candidates from mainstream parties. The namesake menace worries the parties since this causes confusion among the voters, he said.

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Daily News Inventory - 26th July, 2014

  • Obama urges Afghan presidential rivals to work together

    ·         US President Barack Obama has spoken with the men vying to become Afghanistan's next head of state, encouraging them to follow through with a plan to form a national unity government regardless of the outcome of the audit of ballots from the June 14 presidential runoff.

    ·         The president praised Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani "for putting the interests of Afghanistan first and committing to working together as partners in governance".

    ·         Both candidates have pledged to accept the results of the ongoing recount, which Abdullah demanded after rejecting a preliminary tally that showed Ghani winning the runoff.

    ·         Obama "encouraged both candidates to publicly endorse their previously agreed political framework and continue their dialogue on the details of its implementation to ensure the Afghan people have full confidence in the ongoing electoral process and outcome".

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Daily News Inventory - 25th July, 2014

  • PM launches portal for people's participation in governance

    ·         Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched an interactive online platform that allows people to share ideas and suggestions and participate in the country's governance.

    ·         "Democracy cannot succeed without people’s participation in Government and this participation should not be limited only during elections. The participation should be there in fulfilling peoples’ aspirations and needs,” Modi said while inaugurating the platform.

    ·         "The platform would bridge the gulf between people and government," he said. 

    ·         The portal, MyGov, will serve as a medium for the people, especially the youth, to connect with the government and thus contribute to nation’s development.

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4:35 a.m. – Why am I awake?

  • Is something wrong with me? I should not be awake at this hour. The rest of the world is fast asleep. But then that’s the point I am trying to prove here – I am not like the rest of the world. For as long as I can remember, the dream had been running ahead of me. This time I have taken the lead. I am one step ahead of the dream and I will keep pressing ahead. Oh I am so done with sleeping. I am done with dreaming. I am done with watching the show with my nose pressed against the glass. I am now swinging the door open and stepping inside the arena. It has begun – the countdown to MY show. I am counting months, weeks, days, hours…and I will make them count soon.

    (A page from the diary of the TestCracker of tomorrow)

    © TestCracker 2013

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Quote of the Day

  • "Don't think about who you have been.  Who are you now?  Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously.  Make it carefully. Make it powerfully..." 

                                                                                                     ~ Anthony Robbinsr

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Quant & Puzzle Inventory - 46

The Burning Issue: In a spot: NSEL Saga

  • It’s raining scams! After Securities scam in ’92 (More commonly known as Harshad Mehta scam) and KP scam in ’01, following the cycle of 10 years, this time, an entire exchange was fabricated on treachery of its promoters. The scam is a systematic fraud perpetrated in the commodity market by National Spot Exchange Ltd. The supposedly 5,600 Crore Rs fraud came out in the public domain after NSEL failed to pay out its investors in commodity pair contracts after 31 July 2013. Let’s have a summarised look at the seedy insides of the exchange which was once a darling of the markets and the ministry too.

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